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Wild Land Excavation is your premier choice for drain cleaning and repair!

From residential utility projects to large-scale commercial developments, our excavation services ensure precision and efficiency in every dig, creating functional systems for years to come.


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Forging Success from Earth's Depths

When things aren’t flowing right, timing is crucial! That’s why we’re your ultimate destination for utility repairs, offering a seamless journey from camera inspection to completion. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and seasoned expertise, Wild Land Excavation is your go-to for underground utility solutions. From sewer expertise, Wild Land Excavation is your go-to for underground utility solutions. From sewer and water line repairs and replacements to electric line locates and excavation, trust us to keep your systems running smoothly!

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We are more than just a small excavation and utility business – we’re your reliable partners in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your property. Whether you’re a homeowner or managing a commercial property, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet your needs. From crucial utilities like sewer and water line repair and replacement to innovative solutions such as trenchless sewer pipe repair and video inspection, we ensure that your systems operate flawlessly. Our expertise extends to excavation projects, including leveling & grading, drainage improvements, and french drain installation, guaranteeing the optimal functionality of your land. Located in Colorado Springs, we proudly serve customers within a 60-mile radius of El Paso County, delivering unmatched quality and professionalism every step of the way. Trust us to exceed your expectations and provide solutions that stand the test of time.

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Tailored Excavation Services for Every Venture


Residential Utilities

Discover peace of mind in your residential projects with our comprehensive utility services, offering expert installation, maintenance, and repair solutions to keep your home running smoothly.



Ensure the safety of your residential or commercial projects with our comprehensive utility locates, accurately identifying underground infrastructure to prevent costly damages and ensure smooth construction processes.


Drainage Improvements

Elevate your property’s functionality and curb appeal with our specialized drainage improvement services, tailored to efficiently manage water flow and prevent flooding issues, ensuring a dry and sustainable environment for your property space.


Commercial Utilities

For our commercial clientele, we offer professional excavation contracting services, emphasizing seamless collaboration with general contractors and trades. Our expertise extends to both urban and rural settings, handling large and complex projects with precision and efficiency.


Sewer Lines & Waterlines

Upgrade your property’s infrastructure with our expert installation and maintenance services for waterlines and sewer lines, ensuring reliable water supply and efficient wastewater management to meet the needs of your space.


Grease Traps & Sand-Oil Interceptors

Enhance the efficiency of your commercial kitchen or industrial facility with our premium grease trap and sand oil interceptor installation and maintenance services, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and preserving the integrity of your wastewater systems.

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"CJ and Matt’s company is the BEST! Fantastic people! Their workers are absolutely considerate and professional especially like to thank Kalyan and Jeff!"
Laurie R
"Great work, their experience shows. Prompt, efficient and very fair pricing. If you’re thinking of renting machinery and doing it yourself for a small job, call these guys and save yourself the hassle. You’ll save money, and lots of time."
Jason H.